who we are?

Spanish Around the World LLC., is a project based on the idea that the use of successful communication is a necessary tool that can be used to build positive conflict resolution.

Through the use of a new language children have to ability to expand their mind all the while learning to be culturally sensitive and building biculturalism to help create a better world.

Using language children can connect to care for their home planet earth while empathizing with new cultures through walking in another’s shoes. 


our Philosophy

Spanish Around the World is designed to transmit much more than a language. Our intention is to transmit a wonderful culture, full of flavors, customs and interesting traditions.

Why learn a language?

Learning a new language can open new and different doors and experiences.  A language is much more than a skill, it is a TOOL that your children will be able to use for the rest of their lives. They will learn not only how to communicate but also to enjoy music and art in a different way.


I feel very inspired to start this wonderful project that helps children learn to develop on the basis of building multiculturalism that allows them to communicate, be respectful and understanding to the idea of diversity.

I have had the opportunity to work with children with various cultural background and they have in turn, taught me how to adapt my method of teaching in a way that permits interaction, sharing and understanding between individuals. To also comprehend what is special, unique and exceptional about each of us that make us a whole part of the human race that lives on planet earth. A planet that is full of colors, sights, sounds and people that we know of and that are still left to learn about.

I invite you to participate in this project that involves and was based on love of cultures, free spiritedness and dreams. This program seeks to touch the hearts of our students in a way that will spread the word of cultural diversity and in turn, inspire others in order to make the world a better place.

Miriam Floridia – Program Director