Summer camp 2024

¡explorando el mundo natural!


Week 1° (July 8th to 12th) Plants, Flowers and Birds.

Week 2° (July 15th to 19th) Insects and their impact on the environment.

Our objetive is to create an immersive Spanish language experience for children through interactive exploration of the natural world.

Week 3° (July 22th to 26 th) It’s not a box! Let’s create our own toys!

Week 4° (July 29th to August 2 th) Recycling – Reusing – Reducing.

Arts and crafts projects respecting our environmental awareness. Language immersion: All activities will be conducted in Spanish by native speakers

Week 5° (August 5th to 9th) 

Week 6° (August 12th to 16th) Life on the Farm.We will learn about the fascinating world of farming and the importance of sustainability .


Immersive Spanish language experience -hands – on learning about nature and the environment –  Development of outdoor skills and teamwork.

Week 7° (19th to 23th Augoust) 

Week 8 (26th to 30th Augoust) Under the Sea. 

An exciting journey beneath the waves, where language learning meets adventure and discovery.