Daily class activities & themes that promote biculturalism as well as incorporate various teaching modalities.

Music- The integration of music in class is fundamental as it will be used as an auditory method of learning and teaching. It will have the ability to teach everything from colors, numbers and letters through song.

Art- Our art and craft projects always aim to recycle, reduce and reuse materials. We are a program that not only teaches a language, but we also transmit a wonderful culture (and we learn about other cultures too!). We believe that our planet needs to be seen as a home where we all live together. We take care of it, we respect it but above all we love it.

Visual- Our teaching method uses English words only when necessary and never when we teach new vocabulary. How do we do it? We show different pictures, using our body language, showing and demonstrating what we want to say. This way learning becomes easier and more fun. That is our main goal.

Playing Time - The children PLAY during each class. We believe that play is fundamental to childhood learning. Our space is designed for children to choose a specific sector and interact with other children in small groups. Each section gives them the ability to practice specific vocabulary during that time. In Spanish Around the World we learn by vocabulary, courtesy words, rules and activities of daily living.